Why Join KWAR Campaign

The #WhyJoinKWAR project grew out of a Board of Directors discussion that posed the simple question “why should any REALTOR® join KWAR?”


With 21 real estate boards and associations (more than half of all boards in Ontario) now sharing a single MLS® System the question is even more relevant than ever. It is our belief that if the KW marketplace is one where you would like to succeed, then the choice is clear. KWAR is the association for you.


KWAR has proudly served the needs of REALTORS® and brokerages in the Kitchener-Waterloo and area since 1937. For over 80 years we have been building deep connections with other community stakeholders and have played an important role in the unique ecosystem that is Waterloo Region.


Waterloo region has long been one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most thriving economies, and KWAR is proud to be an active part of this amazing community. This is made possible by the tremendous work our members do throughout the region and together with KWAR we are collectively recognized by stakeholders for our professionalism and positive community impact.


As one of the fastest-growing economies, it is critical that KWAR provide members with the most relevant and up to date training on these changes. In addition to the importance of MLS® Services, our members have repeatedly emphasized that timely and localized education is critically important to them.


At KWAR we are extremely proud of the ongoing education we offer our members. We are also proud of the 885 REALTORS® who took advantage of one or more of the 165 sessions we delivered in 2020. Most of which we offered to all members at no cost!


While all associations provide education, we make it a priority to ensure that in addition to all of the system training you have; we provide hyper-local content relevant to the Waterloo Region market. And we know we do more of it more often.


As a REALTOR® you know that real estate is all about location. This also applies to the knowledge you need to be a professional serving the local market. To learn all the ways we support our members, visit: https://kwar.ca/why-join-kwar


– Bill Duce

KWAR Chief Executive Officer