Where Do We Grow From Here?: A stakeholder-to-stakeholder Symposium!

Join us online Wednesday, March 9th for Where Do We Grow From Here?: A stakeholder-to-stakeholder Symposium’!


The Region of Waterloo (ROW) is in the process of updating its Regional Official Plan (ROP).  As part of that process, they are conducting a provincially mandated Land Needs Assessment (LNA), seeking public input at various stages in that process.


This process began in October 2019 with results expected in principle to the Province by July 1, 2022 — it is at a critical stage for our community.


While the Region must consult with key stakeholders and the broader community once the draft LNA is available for review, the draft LNA, which will include three rate-of-intensification scenarios is expected to be released by the Region in late March or early April.


At this crucial point in the ROP and LNA, the community must make the best use of the time that remains to have meaningful input and answer the question, where do we grow from here?


Many stakeholders and individuals still have questions:


  • How much land do we need to grow?
  • How much land is available in the built-up area?
  • What is the role of population forecasting in land needs assessments?
  • How well have previous population forecasts anticipated actual population? What are the real-world implications of uncertainty in population forecasts?
  • What are data can we access to understand housing supply and demand?
  • How can housing market data contribute to the land needs assessment process?
  • Why should a number of demand and supply scenarios be considered for the future?
  • Why is it important to take a regional perspective of land use planning?


‘Where Do We Grow From Here?’ is designed to help stakeholders understand what a land needs assessment is, what tools, methods, and assumptions can be used to build land needs assessment, and how housing market supply and demand information can be fed into the land needs assessment process.  Three invited experts will speak to these points from their unique perspectives, offering different approaches to data analysis and modeling, while focusing on intuitive and transparent explanations for stakeholders. We will also discuss how data from land needs assessments can support other planning goals, such as planning for environmental sustainability and housing affordability.

Hosted by

Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS®


Moderated by

Kirsten Wright from the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience


Introductory Remarks by

Rod Regier

Commissioner of Planning, Development and Legislative Services – Region of Waterloo



Kevin Eby

RPP, Consultant, Eby GMPS


Dr. Dawn Parker

Professor, School of Planning, University of Waterloo


Ted Tsiakopoulos

Senior Economist (Housing Markets Policy & Research) – CMHC



This is a free virtual event and is open to all members of the community so be sure to tell your colleagues and clients! Register here.