KWAR's Vaccination Policy

KWAR is committed to taking every precaution necessary in the circumstances for the protection of the health and safety of our employees and our workplace from the hazards posed by COVID-19. Vaccination is a key element in the protection of our workplace against the hazards posed by COVID-19, and one of the critical control measures regarding COVID-19.

Proof of Vaccination

Every person who enters the KWAR office must be fully vaccinated. If someone has a valid medical exemption, they will require a negative rapid antigen test result to enter the building. Our Vaccination Policy applies to all individuals (employees, volunteers, contractors, other permitted visitors) attending in-person meetings or events at KWAR workplaces and third-party locations.

In-Person Meetings and Events

At this time, the KWAR office remains closed for in person meetings and events. Supplies for members continue to be available through out online store for curbside delivery. And professional development sessions continue to be offered online.

The Policy

This Policy is designed to protect health and safety of KWAR employees, volunteers, and their families by maximizing COVID-19 vaccination rates among KWAR employees, and other individuals attending in-person at KWAR workplaces and/or work locations.

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