Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote and support members in serving the real estate needs of our community…

This is our new mission statement, recently recommended by a volunteer taskforce of KWAR REALTOR® members and approved by the Board of Directors at their most recent meeting. It is a brief, truthful statement that describes exactly what we do, and who we do it for.

It is not really all that new when you consider that this is essentially what we’ve been doing for the past 75 years. However, what is “new” is that we now officially have a mission statement−something we’ve been lacking it seems, for some time.

What we today call the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS®, was first formed in the spring of 1937 (April 24) by “16 area brokers and salesmen”, with a goal “to serve the better interests of all persons engaged or interested in matters pertaining to real estate”. In many ways, that original purpose still holds true today, and is reflected in our mission statement.

Clarifying our purpose at this juncture in our Association’s long history is timely as we head into our 75th anniversary year in 2012. 75 years of existence is a major milestone, one your Director’s believe is worth celebrating. That’s why we have appointed a taskforce to help plan how we will use this opportunity to promote the value of REALTORS® and build some positive ‘PR’ about KWAR members in the community in the year ahead. The taskforce has already met a few times, and I know they are busy brainstorming some great ideas.

We talk repeatedly about how our industry is in constant change with a seemingly endless challenge to adapt to new technologies and business models. But, when you come right down to it, the basis of our business hasn’t changed much in 75 years.

George Patton, 2011 President