At KWAR we’re very proud of the ongoing education we offer our members. We’re also proud of the 61% of our REALTOR® members who took advantage of one or more of the many sessions we delivered in 2019.
Last year KWAR held a total of 139 sessions, most of which were free for our members! Take a look at the infographic to the left to see the numbers and see how much KW REALTORS® are learning.
Professionalism is a critical component for any REALTOR®. We place a high value on professional development for our Members. Our goal is to ensure our Members are among the most knowledgeable and skilled in the real estate industry. Our Education Department offers everything from entry level real estate courses to special niche seminars that will help you carve out and master your target market.
Education Stats

The Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems Inc. (ORTIS) provides KWAR members with access to a shared regional MLS® System. This is about much more than simply sharing data, as it is a means of ensuring a unified experience for the member using the system regardless of the board they belong to. One common set of MLS® Rules, one common set of MLS® data forms, identical mandatory fields, in fact, this system ensures that all members have the exact same duties, obligations and expectations when using the system. We believe that cooperating and professionalism is the true secret sauce to the success of the MLS® System, and ORTIS enhances these attributes between all users.

Here at the KWAR we use CoreLogic’s Matrix™ for our MLS® System. One of the fastest-growing multiple listing platforms, Matrix™ has proven itself a clear leader in multiple listing software. Designed to power top-producing agents, Matrix™ puts equal emphasis on functionality and speed. The program’s rich feature set gives agents a wealth of new ways to serve their clients.


The KWAR understands and appreciates how critical it is for its members to be able to efficiently use and leverage the many tools they are provided with through the MLS® System. The Directors of KWAR are committed to providing a variety of training, webinars and additional resources that meet the needs of all members. We also provide in house training for Matrix™, ShowingTime and other tool and this is complimentary.

GeoWarehouse is a web-based, centralized property information source that provides state of the art mapping and research tools, as well as professional reports. GeoWarehouse services real estate and non-real estate professionals across Ontario. GeoWarehouse subscribers can create property detail, neighbourhood sales and demographic reports as well as access ``exterior, aerial and bird's eye view images`` of properties. Through the GeoWarehouse store, subscribers can conveniently access POLARIS Parcel Registers, instrument images, surveys, plans, MPAC Assessment reports and more. All in one central location! GeoWarehouse enhances your professional image and all reports are completely customizable. GeoWarehouse provides you with the tools that make you the expert. Access to GeoWarehouse information is embedded into the shared regional MLS® System. Users can auto-populate a variety listing information fields based on the public record. There are also smart-links that users can click-on from a variety of pages in the system that will automatically authenticate them and then open GeoWarehouse to the specific subject property.


There are many events held by the KWAR during the year that allows networking opportunities for our members. We hold an annual golf tournament and have a yearly Member Appreciation Night to celebrate our members and all their successes. Events like panels and seminars are great ways to meet fellow members and build a professional network in the industry.


Volunteer opportunities are another way to meet fellow KWAR members and give back to our community. KWAR is proud to partake in Adopt-A-Road cleanups, Habitat for Humanity build days, the REALTOR® Toy Drive and so much more to show how much REALTORS® Care.