Effective Thursday, January 14, 2021at 12:01 a.m., the government is issuing a stay-at-home order requiring everyone to remain at home with exceptions for essential purposes, such as going to the grocery store or pharmacy, accessing health care services, for exercise or for essential work.

In addition to limiting outings to essential trips, all businesses must ensure that any employee who can work from home, does work from home. The KWAR office will remain closed for the foreseeable future and any supply purchases must be pre-ordered and curbside delivery only.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, KWAR has advised Realtors to limit their activities to only those that are essential.

With this new order, members must limit all in-person activities to only what is essential.

Scheduled in-person showings should only be used in urgent situations.

Under the new measures, outdoor gatherings are now limited to 5 people.

– We have recently received reports of members booking overlapping showings. Respectfully, this is dangerous, and we strongly discourage this conduct. 

Local Bylaw officers will be empowered to issue tickets and break up any gatherings of over more than 5 people.

In addition, all enforcement personnel will have the authority to temporarily close a premise and disperse individuals who are in contravention of an order and will be able to disperse people who are gathering, regardless of whether a premise has been closed or remains open such as a park or house.


The current State of Emergency includes the following two additional restrictions:


1. Short-term rentals for recreational purposes are effectively closed as of January 12th, 2021. If a booking was made prior to January 12th it is permitted to go forward.

2. Renovations started before January 12th will be permitted to continue but those that have not started are not permitted to start. The government has not indicated when the new measures will be lifted.


Members should have also received the OREA update which can also be found here. https://www.oreacovid19info.com/breaking-state-of-emergency-update-heres-what-you-need-to-know/

– Masks must be worn at all times. The additional requirement announced today mandates that masks must be worn outside in public spaces when social distancing is not possible.

– Open houses are banned. Full stop. No exceptions anywhere in the Province until the lockdown is lifted.

– Members should use virtual tools first and to the greatest extent possible to conduct all business. ·

– Urgently needed in-person showings are permitted but MUST be scheduled in advance. Members should limit the number of people in the home to one group of two people (plus the buyer’s sales representative) to allow for physical distancing. Also, PPE should be worn at all times, surfaces & hands should be cleaned and sanitized before and after the showing, and Members should take steps to space out appointments and manage the flow of people inside and outside the home.

Read more about OREA’s safe showing practices here.


  • As an essential service, real estate offices and Brokerages may remain open however the Government has stated that all employees who can work from home should do so immediately. OREA strongly encourages Board and Brokerage offices to close unless it is absolutely necessary to be open. COVID-19 screening guidance for workplaces including Brokerages and Real Estate Board offices can be found here
  • OREA is working to confirm the impact of the new measures on ancillary services (i.e., staging, photography etc.) and will communicate that to Members as soon as possible.

Many Realtors are now using special pre-screening and consent forms (like this one developed by CREA) prior to potential buyers viewing a property for sale or rent.

Did you know you can attach these forms and other documents in Matrix and ShowingTime so that all Realtors booking an appointment will receive them automatically?

We have created this 3-minute tutorial to walk you through this simple process.